We are a Charity

We work within three distinct areas; The Young Gardeners, The Enterprise and The Elderberries Programmes - always with local people at our heart. From the Young Gardeners spending a few hours every week finding therapy from planting and harvesting to the people using our Drop In centre to meet other people enjoy jigsaws, reading and reminiscing.

We are Award Winning

In 2018 we won “The North East top Large Visitor attraction” and have recently been finalists in both the NE Tourism awards and the UK Social Enterprise Awards and we were once again Platinum Award Winners in the National Loo of the Year awards.

We are a Garden for everyone

If you know your Roses from your Rhododendron and your Primrose from your Petunias; if you want to stroke a Giant Gorilla or have a selfie with a Camel Riding Meerkat; if you want to play a round of Adventure Golf and take a gentle stroll around 12 acres of meandering Gardens and magnificent water features...

We are your Garden

"The Alnwick Garden gives pleasure in so many ways to so many people from all walks of life."

"It has become a contemporary pleasure garden, which brings joy to millions. When I see photographs of it in darkness I feel that I'm watching it sleep, resting in preparation for the people it has to entertain the following day. To me, a garden without people is dead and people have bought The Alnwick Garden to life and restored its soul."

Duchess of Northumberland

Find your way around The Alnwick Garden

Spring is an exciting time as many thousands of bulbs appear, heralding the start of the new season. The Cherry Orchard is transformed as it becomes a cloud of white cherry blossom, carpeted with thousands of alliums in a sea of purple. Explore the map below.

What's on guide...