A major cultural development project, The Alnwick Garden is the largest tourist attraction in Northumberland. The Garden brings employment, education and a broader economic base to this rural area.

As a constantly evolving organisation, the working environment at The Garden is a dynamic one. There’s lots to do, and we always question how best to do things, welcome new ideas and try to take a fresh and innovative approach. Our motto is, "only dead fish swim with the stream".

Most jobs here involve dealing with visitors, or potential visitors, and so The Garden is dedicated to the highest standards of customer service; we are all ambassadors for the project. Attitude and aptitude can be more important than lots of experience. In some roles we can offer real flexibility, and there are opportunities for people with all kinds of needs.



  • Closing Date: 25th May 2017

    Volunteer Guide

    The Alnwick Garden volunteer team wants you to join them. We are always keen to welcome new members to use some of their spare time to help with The Alnwick Garden activities. There are a variety of roles to choose from and our enthusiastic, friendly team appreciates all contributions. No matter what you get involved in, our volunteers are vital to the charitable works of The Garden and making sure our visitors get the best-ever day out.

    Pre-arranged groups regularly enjoy a guided tour with a volunteer, who will be able to give them more detail about The Garden and show them aspects which they might otherwise overlook.

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  • Closing Date: 01/04/2018

    Seasonal Staff

    We are recruiting!

    We have various seasonal opportunities at The Garden and The Treehouse at The Alnwick Garden, so if you would like to find out more then please complete the application form below and email to

    You can download an application form here

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Enterprise Programme Development Officer

Full job description for the role of Enterprise Programme Development Officer


2018 Application Form

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